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Hello from Venray/Netherlands


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Hi Everyone!

Pretty fresh Voron user here. I've just got my 2.4 build serialized and it was time to join here πŸ™‚

Started years ago with some chinese crappy printer, which barely let me print parts for the custom built Prusa mk2 clone (with marlin and some generic board).

Next, was custom built Prusa mk3s clone (with proper firmware and board) and now, it was time for Voron 2.4 (with SB and tap, but thinking about going CAN).

My son (12) seeing the 2.4 asked me: is there a smaller version that would fit my desk?

So.. here we go.. V0.2 is being sourced (a gift for my son's school-end)Β πŸ˜„

Beside 3d printing (building printers, printing, etc) my other hobbies are motobikes, aviation, rc models - also some of them are printed, hi-tech, cooking, photography, elecronics, retro computers





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Another countryman joins the forum πŸ™



feel free to ask or post an diary when building the v0

but cool prints are also very welcome or any ideas really!!

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Thank you, guys. I've noticed already on Discord, that in contrary to many other forum/communities - the Voron family is really friendly and a real community.

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