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Hi from Amsterdam


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I'm Kleinejan living in Amsterdam where I have my studio. Next to my freelance jobs, I reserve time to make anything from a photo-o-matic, 256 shiftregister, Boltanski art installation, Boltanski installation with radar, custom brake light pcb. My first printer was a stock Prusa Mk3s+ (2018), that would be my go-to-first-time-printer advice. Somewhere in 2021 the Voron 2.4 was all the rage and I needed to build one on/in my prusa/chamber. I went through all the hoops we all have been. Molten sensors, broken wires, bad crimps, nozzle crash, firmware flash hell, upgrade to SSD, replaced Octo with Mainsail🙏, bought ikea Dioder lights, replaced them again, added a TFT screen, removed it because..why, added klicky. Fought with the macro's, found it stupid, added tab, added can-bus, blew-up a pi4 (😱), added dibond panels, upgraded to 2.4r2. In the meantime also build a V0, sold my prusa, bought an awesome  V2.4r2 from Lotte3d. 

It strikes me that the Voron community excludes certain hot-ends for reasons that are not clear/logic, but on the other hand everyone is using the proprietary Fusion360. That aside, when Autodesk changed the maker-license to have only X projects etc. I decided to go for Freecad and absorb MangoJelly. Never looked back. True, I also use other software where I pay for, but that's software I'm using on a daily base. You can't beat some industry standards.




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