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Esun ABS+ layer bonding issues


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Hello Community,

Here i am with a question: has anyone experienced poor layer bonding or delamination when printing with Esun ABS+?

I probably wasted 2 KG of filament trying to get some results, but no luck.

Tried all sorts of temperatures, from lowest to the highest, even exceeding the recommended ones... same results.

It looks great but is not staying together, funny enough, i print ASA and other materials with no problems at all on the same printer (V2.4 r2) 

The ASA is rock solid, i couldn't as more from the printer, and in my opinion well printed too.

Any advise is very welcome, thank you.





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49 minutes ago, Manny said:

Thanks, i will try the overlap and multiplier, as the temps are already at 255/260 and bed 117.

Crazy for ABS.

try 255.110 First layer then 250/100 I just did a cube on my Voron and it turn out all most perfect I have a little more trouble on my Ender5Pro Mod printer

my Extruder Multiplier is 0.924 my profile is pretty much based on Ellis Tunning Guide .

There a minor defect on that edge because the seam's there but the rest is perfect .



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and I have nt even done anything but the Basic's cal and setup I still need to do input shaper, pressure advance ect ..

so, there is room for improvement but I will says, I have more than a few painful nights trying to Dial the E-Sun ABS+ in..

part of the problem was also under extrusion. 

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I did start having nightmares about E-Sun ABS, to the point that i just switched to ASA, end of the problems.

But i won't give up, i will get to the bottom of it, just finishing my other Voron 2.4, more fun and no nightmares😁.

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39 minutes ago, Manny said:

I did start having nightmares about E-Sun ABS, to the point that i just switched to ASA, end of the problems.

But i won't give up, i will get to the bottom of it, just finishing my other Voron 2.4, more fun and no nightmares😁.

Hehe, cheers!! Ya some times when I have had too much of something, I switch to something else for I while.

and ya now that my Ender5Pro is done printing most of my Voron 2.4 build, I think I'm going to convert it to CoreXY 

maybe the Mercury Zero conversion,  that might be fun 8D,

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  • 2 months later...

HiWell i have also nightmares about Esun ABSfilamentThis filament just refuses to print at any temperature and speed with quality
Before swapping to Esun filament I dried ABS filament before use,calibrated my printer running a PID on hotend and bed,inspect and clean

hotendchecked e steps (open air method), bed mesh calibration,flow calibration,nozzle offset,and run a temp tower for the ABS filament.. Printed basic calibration cube,for .6 nozzle with no issues. Printed multiple 5-10 hours prints without problems.

Well guess what,after few days started to print some parts and getting non consistent flow,filament seems to overheat on smaller prints? 

Filament roll is about 60% of filament left.I have tried all temperature range from 220-270C,bed from 80-115C,retraction on or offfan off,fan on at 20,30,40,60,80,100%.

Confirmed with thermal camera that temperatures for bed and hotend is as requested after heating is completed .
Tested with slower printing speed, from 60mm to 50,40,30and then as low as 25 mm/s.

Dried filament again but nothing seems to helpThis filament doesn't flow well or quality is not consistent.

I get under extrusion,and poor layer adhesion on all prints. Print will start fine after 10 -20 layers or so it will start to under extrude,no clicking sound from extruder. I have checked all calibration related stuff,extruder, hotend,no clogs,no heat creephotend heatsink temperature is about 45-50C measured with multimeter thermistorI'm running 40mm 24V fan on a mosquito HF hotend

Bed adhesion is perfect,filament sticks to the bed just fine,first layer is perfect. Swapped stl files for new ones,no luck. What is funny here is if printing the same object like 5 times in a row you get lucky and one of five is printed just fine and 4 others are a crap,always 

with under extrusion on different layers.. I don't know what to do anymore except to swap filament to other manufacturer

All my parts for Voron build arrived printed in this  Esun blue ABS+ filament,so i hope that Voron stuff filament was good quality, as this, Esun ABS+ blue that i purchased from 3dJake is brittle at any printing temperature.

Printer is enclosed Ender 3pro ,modified,SKR E3 2.0,running marlin 2.9.3,dual gear direct drive,all metal hotend,P1000 thermistor,60W heater,linear rails,dual Z,sunon 4040 and 5015 fans
Enclosure temperature is 42C when printing with enclosure fan fume extractor on Does anyone has a idea how to solve this issue,is this filament actually ABS?


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Have been printing with Esun ABS+ for over 18months now. My settings are: Nozzle - 255, Bed 100 Chamber 67C, Fan 60% from layer 3, 100% on bridges

Printers: Trident, Voron2.4, Voron 0, VZBot,Switchwire. Extrusion factor 0.92 Speed 100.

Example of eSun ABS+ Blue

IMG_4910.thumb.jpeg.0da034b560bd8cd0c4714528130f3c46.jpeg  IMG_4955.thumb.jpeg.f1272121d7db484d4563d13e31fbf5c7.jpeg

Important to tune in the various colours. I found silver the most difficult to get dialled in.

It sounds all printed well up to a point, so either inconsistent roll of filament of mechanical issue in printer. 

Have you tried another spool of filament?  May just be this individual spool that has an issue.

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Hi. Finally managed to get it to work. It seems to be a filament roll issue. Inconsistent quality?
After testing multiple prints with different settings found out that printing profile for this roll from hell is

Hotend at 265C 
Bed at 110C 
Fan at 0% for the first 3 layers and after that always on at 30% 
Overhangs fan at 100%
Enable fan if layer time is less then 5 sec, for smaller prints,bigger prints layer time less then 20 sec.
Speed 40-60 mm/s
Enclosure temperature 40C+
Print quality good,no layer issues, strong prints,no issues with warping or bed adhesion.


























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6 hours ago, SamppaD said:

Inconsistent quality?

Most likely - have used a filament from a local supplier in the past and there has been up to 0.5mm variation in the filament thickness, with areas of obvious "blobs"

Hopefully you won't get another bad roll!

Like your settings,

Mine are much the same, except I use a higher fan speed and print at 100mm/s.

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I have 2 rolls left of this Esun ABS+ stuff,lets hope the rest of the filament is better quality 🙂 . I really like the blue color of the esun filament,goes well with black and grey color pattern. About cooling I only have fan on one side and i really need a dual fan configuration with this filament. This is the reason why i keep printing speed low. Only issue is that there is no space for 5015 fans,to just swap. I need to rotate hotend 180 degree,make new harness bracket and make a mount for  bltouch to mount it to fan shroud. Klemco bracket is fine but its limited to few poorly working fan mounts. I will need to make my own. Well now top priority is printing voron parts..

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