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Greetings from French Canadia


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Hi TeamFDM. I was at home sitting alone with my CR-10, watching it slowly excrete a 750Gram part with the grace and swiftness of continental drift and after a few days and some dehydration, I found myself contemplating my existence. Since when had I developed the patience of a Gregorian monk... Was Tommy-Lee Jones in MIB3? Then ADHD hit me again and I remembered the memorable times spent drooling over Voron printers on YouTube! Had I finally sank this low; was my life ever going to be fulfilling without one? Without my own 2.4!?!  No, No it was not.

So here I am!

I'm from the province of Quebec, Canada. I've been into crafting and mingling since I can remember and my interests revolve around Science, Tech, design, computers and have built chineseum Arduino type CNC's before; like most of you here I guess ; )  I did alot of work designing and flying RC aircraft but got fed up with that and fell in love with 3d printing. I got a CR-10 last year and I'm ready for a bigger challenge. I can do CAD, circuit design, mechanical design and I'm learning 3D modeling. I do civil engineering work for agriculture during the summer and take a few months vacation every winter.

I'm a 'modding' kind of person and I love min-maxing everything and making stuff to my measure. So for my build, I'm going for a 350mm x 350mm x 730mm: I'm aware that the increased height will bring challenges for resonance management but I have plans... evil plans... involving concrete to mitigate that. For now, I'm at sourcing all the stuff and cussing about the glorious Chinese.

Looking forward to meeting you.

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