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Building a high temp Voron (Trident) for PEEK - any ideas?

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So, im thinking about challenging myself with something more useful than a Enraged Rabbit nightmare 😛  (project on hold for now)

I want to build a high temperature able printer for PEEK printing.

What PEEK needs is, at least:

  • Bed Temp: 130/140/150 degrees C
  • Chamber Temp: 80/90 degrees C
  • Hotend Temp: 450 degrees C

As you can imagine this brings some challenges that needs solving, like:

  • back/top/side Panels - default ones wont do, probably higher temp resistant, and sides dont need to be transparent.
  • PARTS - ASA wont do, so looking into CNC parts OR high temp resin printed parts.
  • Front Panel - Maybe only a smaller window in a bigger (iron/aluminium isolated) door, maybe glass? (gonna be hot)
  • Hotend maybe water cooled, maybe not direct drive, so the motor is outside the hot part.
  • Chamber heater probably needed, bed fans on a Trident.. hmm, does that work and do you want to (heat to top)
  • Maybe introduce a movable heat shield (harmonic) right around the hotend. (cool part above, heat under)

If anyone has crazy ideas, im up for investigating!! 

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You're going to need to solve the issue of overheating A/B motors at PEEK temps. I have some liquid cooling blocks that are perfectly sized to nema motors, you could maybe use those and use some insulation wrap around them. You're definitely going to want liquid cooling anyways, would be difficult finding fans for hotend and parts cooling that wouldnt melt under those temps. You're also most likely going to have to resort to CNC'd parts though you could also buy PEEK parts too I suppose, I don't think resin is going to hold out at all. Double pane insulated glass would be a good option for the front door though you'd most likely want to make it just a small window on a metal door with insulation on the inside.

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3 hours ago, Datura said:

You're going to need to solve the issue of overheating A/B motors at PEEK temps

I have been working on a modified design of my own and getting the AB motors out of the chamber was one of the big items I was trying to achieve. With some modeling I bet you could create an insulated cover internal to the stock trident frame.  Effectively mold the rear wall around the AB motors. I went way to far down the rabbit hole for sure. 




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Looks cool what you are doing there, but I try to keep it simple at first, or atleast, a good solution, but not too difficult so easy to adjust.

Looks like a water cooling hotend is going in for sure, with bowden solution, not direct drive.

Water cooling on both AB motors, and yes, maybe create some case for them or isolation, maybe just watercooling is enough, testing will tell.

I try to NOT put fans inside the chamber, so part cooling will most likely happen by a tube with fans outside the box.

Will be taking some custom design for a duct to have this, but luckily I have help who can design.. 

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20 hours ago, Datura said:

I have some liquid cooling blocks that are perfectly sized to nema motors

You have a link? I found some on Ali, and some here https://dyzedesign.com/2018/02/enp-water-blocks-3d-printers/

Yet, maybe ther is more out there.

Dragon hotend here: https://www.phaetus.com/dragon-whf/

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On 4/22/2023 at 1:54 PM, Ducky4546 said:

Im using the E3D high temp bed in my replicator build. That bed can go up to 250c! 

very interesting but 100V not an option really... Trying to find something simular and if possible 350mm...

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Always a joy to look at, but think im going a bit more hardcore into this.. I didnt get his chamber temp, seems to be very slow, not hot.

But this being very important, need to find a decent way of heating it up to 100 degrees C and getting it constant.

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