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PIF discussion and questions


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I did a search for this but only found the recommend a supplier and a review thread.  This is not to find a supplier or to do a review but to search for and discuss a few topics with people who are active in the PIF program.

I am looking for people who are taking part in the PIF program to share tips, settings, techniques, part layouts, etc. A bit-O-History.

I printed my first Voron parts on my Prusa-MK3 and used my sunroom as the enclosure.  go ahead, laugh but I used a temp probe and tactical deployment of cardboard on the windows to control the temperature.  While it worked and the parts are function, I am printing its siblings' parts on the Voron I created with these parts and struggle with drawing the line on what's a good part, a functional part and an exceptional part. 

Looking to discuss filament choices, slicer settings, troubleshooting and layout options. Just looking to learn from those who are doing this in order to make sure I set my own personal expectation and also make the best parts possible for the next Voron in the house.  Going to pit the tow against each other in the end and see if it all matters or not, lol.  Yeah, I am an engineer and just love to test things out. 

So, let's start by providing the following information.

  • For my fist Voron, I printed all the parts on my Prusa Mk3s.
  • I used the sunroom as my enclosure and kept the temperatures high and had minimal warping or lifting from the bed. 
  • I used Amazon Basics ABS in Red and Black, yeah, I know, but it it what it is. 
  • I used a Formbot3D kit for this one. 
  • I used the Octopus controller and a rPi4. 
  • I took way too long to button it all up and get it tuned to print parts, but hey, at least I finished it.....eventually.
  • It is using the current Stealth burner and the Revo hotend with the PTFT50 touchscreen and a Euclid Probe.

For its sibling, yes, there is a build thread, I am self-sourcing all the materials and using the first Voron to print all the parts.  I have both Prusa Slicer and SuperSlicer on hand but starting to prefer Super Slicer for the Voron. 

I have tried eSun ABS+, Amazon basics ABS and now Paramount ABS material to test print the parts.  This is where this thread is going to help.  Want to down select the source filament, settings, and proper expectations for dimensional accuracy and aesthetics.  Yeah, I love going down rabbit holes just for the fun of it. 

Pictures of the first prints to come but feel free to recommend, suggest or tell me to go pound sand, its all good. Lol


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Ok, so here is a print of the Z_Drive_retainer. Printed in Paramount Abs.  Please excuse the blue tinted light, i am taking these pictures next to my 300G fish tank that has a very "cold" color temperature lighting system.

Side view showing the layers.  To me, these seem pretty even and good.  


Bottom layer. There is an odd gap around this hole and the one below.  For some reason the slicer laid down the inner perimeters of the holes first and it looks like this one, and a few others didn't print completely.  This hole does receive a heat set so not sure that the defect will matter. Otherwise, the first layer squish seems good?



Bearing pocket and a picture of the top layer.  There is a bit of a rough texture on the last layer. You can feel it but other than ironing, what could be done to minimize this or is it even an issue?



Looks like a little bit of layer shift on this view. Is this an issue or out of the normal?



Another view of the top layer defects.  Noticeable in the bottom of the bearing pocket. 



More int eh next post. 


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More views of top/last layer. The holes are a great fit for the 3mm bolt.  They are not loose or tight.



Showing the fit of the bearing.  It drops right in, so I think that it's not over or under extruded. 







The main issues are some irregularities in the layers, some missing extrusion on the first layer printing of the perimeters and the texture/roughness of the final layers.   Feedback and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.  Remember, these prints are not my children, or my wife so feel free to call them defective or ugly. 

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