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Greetings from Oran, Algeria


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Salutations to all the community, well first I wanted to make a Legacy because of the availability of the rods and lmuu 8mm bearings, the prices of the linear rails in Algeria are ridiculous, I've started to gather the parts and printed everything with my well tuned 'dolly prusa bear' then I got MGN9's at a decent price so I changed the plan and dicided to build a 1.8 and during the sourcing the trident came out lol, so I've made a 1.8 in a Trident frame that I'll soon upgrade, I'm currently testing it and haven't done input shaping yet, and yes I'm using an aluminium pcb heatbed with a mirror,  buildtak and abs juice 😅😅😅






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5 hours ago, Demosth said:

Welcome to the community, so sorry I missed your original post!

This legacy looks great - how is it printing for after a few more weeks since you posted?

What area do you hail from?

Hi, no problem 😉 I'm from Algeria (North Africa) well this voron was initially intended to be a legacy but I changed my mind and build a v1.8 but in a trident frame to make the upgrade easier when I get the remaining parts, right now it's printing very well, I've done the pressure advance and input shaper and I'm very satisfied with the results despite the issue 6 but it's not that problematic for me, now it's sporting a stealthburner with Cw1 the only downside is the necessity of the abs juice for the bed adhesion but other than that it's printing like a charm 

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