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adjust default BUTTON macros on klipperscreen??



On the bottom during a print there are some button by default, I wonder if these buttons could be changed in function, and how.

Like, when a filament spool runs out, and the filament sensor triggers a PAUSE, I would like the M600 by default on the screen, that unloads the filament (WITHOUT releasing the motors) and then a LOAD, again WITHOUT releasing the motors, and a RESUME.

Since the default buttons will do that and you need to do a HOME with a full build plate.. FAIL!

I just wondered...

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I've asked this even on discord but there seems to be no solution, only answer I got was no, not possible and the best : "KlipperScreen is open source, so you are free to do the necessary changes and do a pull request." thats why I made my physical buttons to unload/load and configured load/unload/m600 macros do do either normal load/unload when not printing or do a complete M600 sequence either when triggered by slicer or button-action


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