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Joined a few months back and "lurked" around for a bit. Figured it was time to say HI. 

I started on my Voron journey about  year ago and only recently finished it. Just took my time and for the summer it was on the back bburner.i finally have all the parts installed and fully enclosed and tuned in so will be requesting my serial.number this month. 

I am also in the process of ordering the parts for a second one as I hate waiting for one thing to finish in order to start another thing. Lol.

Shown below making some dragon eggs for the grand kids. 20230404_164045.thumb.jpg.68688d8e8e82b2d85cbfa93618e8c424.jpg

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1 hour ago, smirk said:

Welcome out from the shadows 🤣

I hope we will see a build diary for your second voron, no need to point out how much we love them.

That is on the plan already.  Going to start one this weekend as that's when I really jumped in and made the decision to build a second one by ordering the frame.  Then I went down an AliExpress rabbit hole for the other parts. 

I have some good trials and tribulations of what I went through on the journey of getting my current printer setup to print the new parts.  That will be fun reading for some. 


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1 hour ago, Buurman said:


Or yeah.. that! hahaha!

Its good to know that we dont scare away everyone 😄 

Looking forward to more things to share @bdejong11129 and probably a Dutchie? 

What gave it away? My father was from the Netherlands but I live in the US. Wife and I have it on our bucket lists to visit both countries where our families are from. For me it's the Netherlands and for her it's Scotland. Someday.....

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