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Hello everyone!


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I just wanted to introduce myself: My name is Alex, I'm 40 years old and have been doing 3D printing as a hobby for a few years. It all started with the good old Anet A8. Due to the noisy A4988 drivers and the desire to install a bed sensor, it was quickly upgraded to MKS Base. At some point an old Fabbster accidentally landed on my desk. Since the user software was no longer available and the printer could only be operated with the Fabbster software, the old Anet A8 mainboard with display and a classic E3D extruder and Marlin was transplanted into the Fabbster. At some point, the need for a more stable solution arose. I've been using the Creality Ender 3 for years now. Of course, it has continued to be improved purely out of the urge to play. It is equipped with linear guides, BlTouch and a Microswiss direct drive extruder and second Z leadscrew, I also use a BTT SKR 1.3 which receives its work instructions from a Raspberry PI with Octoprint and prints on a glass bed. Now I registered here because the switchwire modification for the ender made me curious. Actually the printer is running fine, but well... I think most of you know what's going on... 🙂

Best regards


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Yes, welcome aboard! The core-xz kinematics is interesting, I've printed the parts for a ender3 conversion but haven't got around to it myself....so I shall live vicariously through your build diary (hint, hint).

3 hours ago, claudermilk said:

We will be a bad influence, and a pack of enablers.

Sheesh! We're not even pretending these days. Guess, mummy dear only warned me about strange men with sweeties and puppies......nothing about hotends and extrusions....but if there are any sweeties...

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