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Webcam Help?


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My webcam won't start on printer startup, or after reboot.  I get the following error in the crowsnest log:

[03/25/23 06:50:24] crowsnest: INFO: No usable CSI Devices found.
[03/25/23 06:50:25] crowsnest: V4L2 Control: No parameters set for [cam Voron]. Skipped.
[03/25/23 06:50:26] crowsnest: Try to start configured Cams / Services...
[03/25/23 06:50:26] crowsnest: INFO: Configuration of Section [cam Voron] looks good. Continue...
[03/25/23 06:50:27] crowsnest: Starting ustreamer with Device /dev/video0 ...
[03/25/23 06:50:28] crowsnest: ERROR: Start of ustreamer [cam Voron] failed!
[03/25/23 06:50:28] crowsnest: ... Done!


But, if I run the following command from the Crowsnest github, the cam will start working.  It works fine, with no problems until the next time I shut down the printer.  Then, after starting the printer again, no webcam unless I run this command again:



Any Idea how I can permanently fix this, without having to SSH into the Pi and rerun the script every time I want to use the printer?


If it's any help, the closest thing I can find to an error when running that buildclean command, is this "warning: -j4 forced in makefile: resetting jobserver mode." :






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