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  Howdy people, Names Ryan and I'm a student aviation maintanence technician and have been in the 3d Printing space for about a year now. Started with a Ender 3 v2 and spent like 6 months modding the crap out of it, then bought me a Mk3S clone and it has been great. Found out about Vorons like 6 months ago when I came across a youtube video of a guy printing a benchy in like 6 minutes on a Voron 2.4. I instantly fell in love with the look and design and had to have one, then I seen the cost. Well I finally pulled the trigger and baught me a 2.4 300mm kit from Magic Phoenix and now printing parts as I type this. Still new to printing with ABS and its has been a lot of trial and error with my MK3 in a enclosure. Been fighting nozzle clogs with too high of ambient temps, so I'd open the doors to my lack enclosure then I'd be fighting warping lol. Finally got it figured out using some slicer settings I found from this forum, can't remeber the persons name I apologize. Anyways I'm super excited to finally have what I firmly believe to be the best FDM printer out there, and I love the fact that I will have built it and printed the parts for. 


EDIT- Forgot to mention, now that I'm doing the whole Voron thing, I plan on converting my Ender 3 to a Switchwire now lol 

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8 minutes ago, Demosth said:

Welcome to the community! Excited to see more posts and discussions from you!

I will try my best to hold myself to do a build log, and be active here. I'v never been a forum person but this place has already been a huge help so I want to be a part of that. 

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