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Vo block and tackle mod

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I have just downloaded the files and am considering doing this mod .

I bought a disassembled V0 in very poor condition . Then printed all the parts to upgrade to a V0.1 , however keeping the V0 belt drive Z lead screw ( as I couldn't source a direct drive lead screw motor at the time ) This mod is a great idea as the existing z motor can be reused . There are one or two other designs out there , but I quite like the fact that this design bridges the gap between the Z linear rail 1515 uprights , making it a single unit top and bottom instead of two parts . It is noted that the original design restricted the Z travel to 115mm . This has supposedly been addressed and I would like some feedback .

I also think this is a better design than the single loop belt although maybe a little more complicated .

Would also like to hear how it worked , Z wobble improvement ?  


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Hi. I'm the designer. Managed to get to 118mm Z on mine with the latest parts. The thing stopping 120mm is my rail end blocks. Perhaps I was two mm off when I assembled the Z rails. Doesn't seem my parts restrict the travel.

It works well. I never did a stock V0 build - bought parts for V0 but didn't build until after the V0.1 release - so didn't have any Z wobble to improve on. Also no Z travel to compare.

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