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New to Voron not so new to 3D Printering


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Hey everyone. Have a Formbot kit Voron 2.4r2 I built out and now it's time to switch from the stock AfterBurner to the StealthBurner. Found some posts here super helpful and hope to get the CANBus/Boot all figured out. My 1st printer was a scratch built Wilson TS which was a Prusa i3 clone that used 2020 extrusions. After that I piecemeal built a Prusa Bear/MK3s clone which has been my daily printer. My first CoreXY was a 300x300 BLV Cube which I created a build guide for

Looking forward to learning and contributing!

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Welcome to the forum. That's a brilliantlly detailed BLV build-guide, you have set yourself a high bar - we expect no less of a build diary for your next Voron 😜 (you can't stop at just SB and Canbus).

There are some really good posts regards CANbus (and bags of other great stuff as well) on the forum which I am sure you will find very helpful in getting it up and running.

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