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Filament run out sensor, distance after triggered??


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The answer is probably obvious, since all of my searches and looking through other peoples macros hasn't helped.

I printed and assembled a filament run out switch,  then set up the basic macro from the Klipper documentation and a m600 macro.


it all works great.  It pauses, sets the correct LED colors and effects, parks in the right location and resumes correctly.


My question is:  Is there a command that will allow the printer to continue running for a specific filament linear distance after the run out switch is triggered?   


My switch has about two feet of Bowden tube between it and the toolhead,  and I would like the pause to occurs with only an inch or two of filament left  above the toolhead.


I found a macro example  here, but it just throws a bunch of errors.  


anyone done this?



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I found one on the Klipper discord that I was able to modify a bit and get working with my M600 filament change macro.  

So far, i've tested the macro several times by clipping my filament off between the switch and the roll, then letting it run.  It's working 100%, so far.

640mm seems to be the sweet spot. It pauses with about an inch of filament protruding from the top of the toolhead.

After the filament end passes through the switch, the printer continues running until 640mm more filament is consumed, then it triggers the M600 macro and parks itself front and center for a refill.  After refilling, the resume button on the dashboard starts it printing again.


Attached are the macros i'm using for this, including M600,  should anyone with the same question as me come along searching for something like this.


The parameter for the filament length to consume (640mm) after triggering the switch is the 4th line above "switch pin pg12", in the "[filament_switch_sensor my_sensor]", Macro.  "PAUSE_AFTER_D D={640}"

Filament runout switch..txt

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