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Hello from Baden-Württemberg


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Hi there!

I'm Andreas and life in southern germany at the lake of constance, about 15 kilometers away the border to austria. I'm a hobby 3d printer. I started 3D-printing about 14 months ago with a used bear 2.1 clone from Fysetc and did some upgrades (Exchange of the Hotend, installing linear rails on y-axis, ...). Actually, i'm waiting for the delivery of my ordered parts to build a voron 0.2.

I found this forum while searching for some mounting options for a BTT SKR Pico and Raspberry Pi on Voron 0 builds. 

Happy printing y'all!

Best Andreas

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Welcome aboard! The forum is definitely a great resource, I think a lot of members find us because of all the useful downloads. I am slightly surprised that no one else has suggested/pleaded: please consider a diary when you build your V0.2. As I always say, they are a great way to interact with the community and share experiences.

The SKR Pico is a great addition for the V0, I've used the PICO and a PI Zero  in my V0 and it makes for a realy neat little package. I still have to use active cooling with it just to keeps things "under-control".

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