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Voron Trident Printed Parts List

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Building off of the great work by Dajo, here is my modification to his sheet with Trident parts.


I pretty much just swapped out the checklist page with the parts list from the PIF reference sheet. I'm not sure of the best bag organization, and am thinking ordering them in order of manual appearance would be good. I also am thinking maybe going through the manual and grabbing the individual page where the part first shows up over the assembly group image page might be helpful.

I also tweaked the options selection page a bit; for example hiding the DIN/legacy option since Trident is DIN by default. I also hid Galileo option and removed the checklist lines for now. Finally, I stuck in Stealthburner, Revo, and Rapido placeholders since parts for those should be added soon(tm).

I tweaked the summary calculations to include row 10 where it got missed, and to make it a bit more automated in adjusting for adding/removing lines.

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Did some bugfixing and cleanup, added Galileo back in.


Added a few minor mods to set up the checklist for printing them instead of stock parts. For example, hartk's Sexbolt Z endstop, randell's PCB XY endstop, jeoje's 4.3" Waveshare touchscreen. I added an option to exclude the 5V powersupply bracket if you're going to connect the Raspberry Pi via GPIO instead of USB. I added the Nevermore Micro as a separate page to track printing those parts. 

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