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motors not turning


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Hi all, just built my first voron with Duet3 board. I have all the wiring done and am slowly testing. All the motors wont move. If i advance them you can feel them try but dont move. I look at steps and they are around 200. Not sure what to look for. To me seems like not enough power to turn them. not sure. I have checked wiring and the motors and board wiring match. Not sure where to start. Thank you if someone can guide me in the right direction

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Sorry, I should have introduced myself. I am a normal guy that loves 3d printing, i am finishing up my voron 2.4 now, and i am very excited. I am coming from an Anycubic Mega s. This will be one of my accomplishments i will be proud of. thank you and hope to enjoy this endeavour. 

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