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What are the requirements to get a serial for my printer?



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You need to have: 

  1. Completed cable management above the deck plate 
  2. Tool head doors attached and closed for the unified tool head or clean cable management for Afterburner 
  3. Electronics bays should be covered to prevent shock hazards or foreign objects from shorting out components 
  4. A video of a print in progress showing the complete printer, including these details, submitted to the Voron subreddit

Please properly flair your post as a serial request on reddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/voroncorexy) and include your full Official Discord username, including the 4 numbers following it. Including your Discord name in the title makes it easier to review posts and add users as Voron Owners. 


  1. Printer upgrades (i.e. 2.2 to 2.4) do not receive a new serial 
  2. Printer conversions (i.e. V1 -> VL) will receive a new serial 
  3. Printer sales do not receive a new serial. The person receiving the serial should post to Reddit (meeting all current serial requirements) and also clearly state that it is a purchase/transfer/etc. in a comment on the post. The seller needs to confirm the transfer as well. Once confirmed, mods will update the registry and edit flair/roles accordingly. 
  4. Please do not double post. Sometimes Reddit will take a minute for your post to be visible. If you've submitted, please wait a minute before worrying it didn't post correctly. You can also add your video/pictures as a comment and update your flair if you forget to set it without deleting/creating a new post.
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