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New to 3D Printing


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HI, I'm Chris and am completely new to 3D printing. I've been looking in on the hobby from time to time for a while, but never made the effort to do more than that. My brother in law has a couple of printers and has struggled with them, so I waited. I recently was at an event that had a couple of short seminars on the topic and had good information & examples of where things are at now. That pushed me over the edge.

The speaker had a Prusa Mini there printing up a part while talking and Prusa was mentioned a few times as a really good beginner printer. I did some research after and ended up ordering a Mini+ kit. At the time of writing this, I just have the final wiring, bed, and filament sensor left to get it up and running. It's been a fun process so far.

For the Voron side, their printers were also mentioned in the talk as really good ones. When I first looked and saw it was a DIY project that scared me off at first. But I kept coming back to look, then stumbled across Nero's videos while looking for more info. It doesn't look too bad after watching a couple of those build series. Now I'm already starting to source parts for a Trident build (I seem to have timed jumping in quite well). I'm also looking further ahead at later ERCF and V0.1 projects. If I'm going to fall down the rabbit hole, why not all the way, right?

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Prusa is a great kit to start with and they do a good job of intro'ing "newbies" into a quality 3D printer. I cannot understate how important is that you understand how the printer works as it will increase the quality of your prints and longevity as you can better diagnose bugs and issues. 

Out of curiosity, what type of event did you attend that had 3D printing seminars? Where was it located and was it affiliated with any other profession or schooling?

Thanks for the introduction, I look forward to hearing more from your adventures!

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It was a Steampunk convention in San Diego. The speaker was an instructor at a local school and was well-versed in 3d printing. I got tons of good information in the two 1-hour talks. Left with about a dozen websites opened up on my phone browser (including Voron's) for later investigation. It was presented as a "here's a way you can make stuff for your projects." 

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