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GadgetAngel, Hi


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Hi you-all  I am GadgetAngel.

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only women involved in 3D printers.  

I live in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I am retired instrumentation engineer.

I am building my first Voron 2.4 200mm³ and I already own a Voron 0.0.

I am keeping a build log at https://github.com/GadgetAngel/Voron2.4_My_Build_Log.

I am just getting started with Fusion 360 and EAGLE software.  But have already learned so much.  My Voron 2.4 build will have lots of MODs.


I love to learn new things and I like to help out where I can.  

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Welcome to the community - Always glad to have input from different viewpoints!

Thats quite an awesome build log, thank you fro documenting it so thoroughly.  If you have any interest reposting some of that here at TeamFDM I am absolutely sure it would help others and be better indexed in Google. It might also strike up conversations around the processes and hiccups. Additionally many people who are involve don TeamFDM don't navigate GitHub well, and it is one of the goals of the site to venture outside GitHub.

You could do several different posts on subjects like...

  1. How I Calculated the Power Requirements for my Voron 2.4 Build
  2. Octopus Pro V1.0 Voron Guide:
  3. Queens Wiring_Harness_Diagram" Walkthrough
  4. How Well Will Your Motors Perform on a Voron Build?

So glad you joined and I look forward to future contributions!


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