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Hi all,

I'm Kris from KB3D, you may recognize us from the Voron Discord's vendor section - or maybe you're already one of our great customers!

Born to support open-source hardware projects, we have been building our Voron catalog with high-quality parts at competitive pricing. Our entire catalog is in-stock at our warehouse in NE Ohio with order handling times of less than 24 hours.

We are the North American home of Linneo wire harnesses and currently offer products from E3D, Bondtech, Slice Engineering, LDO Motors, Gates, IWISS, and many others in addition to our own in-house manufactured items.

There are many ways to get in touch with us, but I wanted to open a line of communication here at TeamFDM as well!


Kris @ KB3D


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The wire harness of LINNEO is absolutely spot on! Only thing I was surprised about that wires to the 4 Z motors are not included in the harness.
Maybe should have read the small letters 😛 but wires are top quality and more than enough length.

Wish there was a European seller though..... paying 20% extra tax plus administration is just too painful here in the Netherlands.

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I'm glad you love it!

Linneo is constantly improving the harnesses, and Z motor wiring is among the last items on the road map.

More resellers are in the works too! In the meantime we are happy to ship them worldwide so that anyone can have access to what we consider the highest quality harnesses on the market.

Enjoy the rest of the build - Kris @ KB3D


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