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just a dude who is playing a dude who looks like me


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Hello all!

 Joseph here from ATL Ga but have been in the army for 18 years.  I picked up 3d printing about 2 months ago to help with some mental health issues i have been having ( shame that printing has caused a few others to pop up).  really it has helpped me in ways i cant describe so far. As for Current printers FLsun v400, Ender 3 S1 Pro and a BambulabsX1 Carbon ( still on the way tracking says 3 days till it gets here). Anyway, over the last two months i have learned so much and have been itching to make one mine. I picked up a ender 5 pro from a garage sale for 5 bucks that needed a few things and started on a zeroG/Mercury one.1 build. I was using an Eva3 carriage and struggling with heat creap and clogging and i guessit is common for them to do that in the eva3 due to air movement and mounting of the Rapido. I was doing some research then I learned about Voron, Now kicking myself for wasting the filament and time on the ZeroG build. Welp, I guess it was not a waste as i learned how to config klipper and run a few macros and also get my foot into the door of the CoreXY with parts to tinker with.

 My current build is a modified ender5 frame (250x250x250) and just finished printing the Trident core parts.  I have an orbiter 1.5 and a Pheatus Rapido hot end. I am still running the stock 4.2.7 creality board as i don't want to upgrade it yet as this will be my tinker toy for a little while. I am trying to find a few hotend shrouds that support 4010 fans as i love the way the mini-aftersherpa looks astatically but really hard to find one that will support 4010 blowers and a 4010 hotend ( would like to use them as I got them for my build and would like to stick with them. 



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Welcome aboard.This is a good place to be, lots of helpful and friendly people about. You are living proof that you cannot have too many printers 🙂

It would be great if you considered a build diary for your trident - it's a great way to interact with the community and share experiences.

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Thank you, hope i can contribute back in someway for sure. I have been working on helicopters and all for the army for the past 18 years. my attention to detail and getting this just right are a pain in my head sometimes but has come in handy in this hobby.  I didn't think getting into this I would be this deep into the hobby already but yeah, got the ender 3 s1 pro built the lack and go sick of waiting for 60mm to print.  A really good deal on the v400 fell in my lap and the need for speed kick in hard! lol, that is a good idea on the build log thanks for bringing that up. I have never started or done a build log but never too late to start!

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thank you happy to be here already, the zero G discord was kind of toxic in a way that was very off-putting and i just looked for what i needed and dipped...very judgmental people putting you down when you posted something saying search or why would you do this and not that... anyway, happy to be out of there. 

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6 hours ago, joseph.e.alba said:

something saying search or why would you do this...

You won't find that here. Instead you may find forum members will go out of their way, search and research and post their findings and thoughts if they do not know outright.

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