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Hello from Kyiv, Ukraine


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Hello for all. My name is Yurii. I am from Kyiv - capital of Ukraine. I have some experience in 3D printing. 5 years ago, I bought FlyingBear 1. It was nice printer. Then a bought Ender 3 Pro for experiments in modifications. And now, I think, I’m ready for something real excellent. I accumulate money for buying Voron 2.4 kit. I think it take 1 or two months. It is very important that my wife does not know that I am saving money. Please don't tell her... 🙂

Other one my hobby is numismatic. I will very happy iv i find here friends with same hobby. I have some ideas for numismatic in 3D printing.

I wish peace for everyone! Be safe! Clear skies above!


PS So sorry for my English. I need more practice. I'm look like a dog - understand everything, but sometimes can`t write and speak 🙂

Best regard

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Welcome aboard! Don't apologise for the English (better than my Ukrainian), besides you will get lots of practice posting here 😉. I am curious about your plan (which may be flawed) surely you're wife will notice the very large metal structure that appears one day.....won't she ask questions then? Or do you have a secret room that you plan to hide your Voron in?

Think you're the first (self-declared) coin collector we've had so I'd be really fascinated in knowing what cunning 3D printing ideas you have for it? I can only think of trays to hold coins.

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Thank you for replying. Of course, it was a joke. I have a small workshop. where Voron will find place. 
@smirk I have not so much big collection. it`s near 3K coins from 120 countries.  You are right.

First thing it`s trays for 2x2 cardboard coin flips. it`s for 50 flips


Second it`s shelfing system for trays. it will be connected ich other by small neodymium magnets 5x1 mm. 



Third it is stapler jig for accurate stapling of coin flips. I use Chinese PCCB coin flips has 12 sizes of clear malyar windows. It will be 12 jigs for each size. And storage tray for themes.




In plans tray for coins in capsules and rolls same size as tray for cardboard coin flips.  
Separators for coin trays

All models are prototypes, not finished yet

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