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A warm hello from the black forrest…


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Hi there!

My name is Pierre and I live with my family near Freiburg in the south of Germany. I am now over 50 years old and have been involved in 3D production since 1980, when I started programming a plotter and a circuit board drilling machine.

I started my 3D journey a few years ago with a JG Aurora - probably the worst printer I have ever owned. The further way led me over a Prusa MK3S to a Voron 2.4 with 350 mm^3. Currently I added a Bambulab X1C with 2xAMS. For me, however, 3D printing is just a tool to add useful and functional things to my workshop and our household. Electronics, programming and the love for wood have led to the fact that I have now planned and built several portal milling machines - from a small 300x300mm milling machine based on wood to a large one made of heavy aluminum profiles with an ATC spindle, a big vacuum plate and a travel of 1300x1100x30mm, where the milling head can also process vertically clamped parts beyond the table.

When time permits besides family, work and workshop, I enjoy skiing and moving around on the water with wind power. I am glad to have found this forum and its kind and helpful people.

Thanks for the nice welcome,





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Welcome aboard Pierre, good to have you here. Those are good looking machines you've got there. There are a lot of people here (most?) who use 3D-printing as a means to another end, supporting some other activitiy or hobby (including the workshop environment). I look forward to sharing ideas and tapping into some of that experience you have.

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