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Hello from Nuremberg, Germany


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HI folks,

just a few words about me:

I am working with 3-D printer since 3 years now.

Since 1.5 years now I own a RatRig V-Core 3 with EVA3, and some other stuff. Started with an Ender 3 pro, which I pimped for some time... But it´s just standing around collecting dust... 😁

I mostly use ABS+ for my prints and with it mostly technical stuff.

In the moment (for this weekend) the RR3 is mostly disassembled for having a good clean-up, oiling and mounting SHT42 toolboard, new belts and idler... The regular thing to do after some hundred hours of printing including some upgrades. Most probably I will get ready on Sunday evening, because the next print needs to get started.

... and as you can see in my avatar: The other hobby is bow hunting with olympic recurve.

Happy printing and that the filament never runs out.


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Well folks...

I know that I am in a Voron preferred forum... 😁

...and yes, I´m playing with the idea of building a Voron as a second premium printer, so that my RR is not that alone.

I won´t buy any "ready to rumble" sets, I will pick the parts completely myself. For now I´m not really sure what size exactly to build.

Let´s see, I´m still in some sort of finding phase, grabbing ideas, grabbing local addresses to buy the needed parts etc... If I find the time (currently high work load in office) I can spend more time in sorting things.

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