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Crucible vs Salad Fork: Another kind of debate


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So I've built a 350 v2.4 and I love it, but let's be honest this thing is massive. For my next trick I want to swing to the other side and build something from Printers From Ants, and I think I've settled on either the Crucible or the Salad fork. Both fairly similar printers.

My main goals for this would to make a printer that is small, and a printer I can push very very fast, I'd like to even play around with real speed benchies and pushing speed and accel to it's limit.

The main differences between those two printers are:

The Crucible is a mod based on the V0 design. Basically a triple lead screw v0 with klicky support

The Salad Fork is a from scratch build based on a shrunk down Trident.

The Crucible has top mount V0 rails for the gantry, while the Salad Fork has the side mount rails of the Trident / 2.4.

The Crucible has the exceptionally tiny footprint of the V0, while the Salad Fork being a little bit larger, has the option for a 160mm bed instead of the 120mm bed of the V0.

So I suppose the main difference I'm wondering about is the mounting location of the rails. Does this have any affect on printing at large speeds and accels?

Any other thoughts, advice, or recommendations?

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