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Really Digging this Forum, Outta Ohio!


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Hey there fellow 3d printer enthusiast!
Allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Kyle, and I am from Cincinnati, Ohio! My never ending journey into chasing perfection in configuring and modifying machines started in the beginning of 2002 with the original Xbox and following one of my passions at the time, Halo. Since then, I have become the go to tech person amongst my community when it comes to anything tech related. I got an entry level Sales position with Verizon right out of High School which further pushed me into new territory with the android OS, Rooting, and installing custom roms across a variety of hardware.

2017 was really my first plunge into seeing things move based on my input, with the purchase and assembly of the Maslow CNC. It was amazing for the first 3 or 4 projects, (or until i tought myself how to use cad/cam software and immediately learned the limitations of tyhe machine) but i grew frustrated at some shortcomings that the machine had with speed and accuracy. I Hadn't even given 3d printing a consideration until i saw someone in the forums some years later  3d printing upgrades for the machine.

I bought my first 3d printer, an Ender 3v2 for my birthday 2021. less than 3 months later it gained a Companion which i salvaged from an E scrapyard near me, a Robo C2. and again a few months later i salvaged an aquilla e3v2 clone and some other no name  linear rod based printer. 

I scrapped the robo for the pi that was inside and dove deep into klipper, pushing for more speed! Better Layers! ( but on a budget, I'm a tighwad )

I learned it was best to set the ender3 and it's clone up with the same mods and eventually customized the frames for better rigidity, and at this point aside from the motors and heatbed i guess you couldn't really tell what wasn't modified.

Then I had a flood that wiped out all of my electronics....

So i bought an anet a8 open box on amazon for $115, and My first rolls of ABS. The Self Sourcing of my Voron 2.4r2 350 spec began.

And Here I am today.

(I'll add pics and stuff later if I remember)


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Welcome aboard. You reminided me I need my eye-sight tested when I was wondering "Why does the forum need dug out of Ohio? Why Ohio?"

Yup, you've definitiely come to the right place. Lots of inspiration, advice and support to be had here 🙂

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