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Hello from Long Island, New York


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My 3D printing experience started 2 years ago when i got a Qidi X-Maker for Christmas. Which was put on the back burner as I was dealing with some health issues and a terrible DRONE/RC addiction. Long story short, I started using the Qidi a few months ago and quickly found it was too slow and small for anything i had in mind. After much research I felt the Voron v2.4 R2 was the right one for me. I started my build at the end of December and i estimate i should be done by the end of January.


350 Size

LDO Frame

LDO Motors

Octopus Pro

PI 4 4GB

BTT TFT70 screen

Aluminum functional parts

Light weight X beam

Stealthburner with LDO Oribiter 2.0 Extruder (also working on Micro-Swiss NG Extruder)

Mellow Fly-SB2040 V1 Hotend Canbus HeadTool

Mellow Fly UTOC-3

Voron Tap

Mandela Rose Works Mag bed

Kirigami Kinematic bed mount

Klipper / Mainsail

Also will use sensor-less endstop

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Welcome to the Forum. Seems you have a lot in common with many of us here. 3d Printing, Drone, Cars, RC models, etc etc. Would love to see your progress through a build diary if you would be so inclined. I am currently building a Voron Trident and sharing that experience in a build diary. Having fun in the process. I would particularly be interested in your Mellow Fly SB2040 Canbus and the Oribiter 2.0 extruder, as I am planning the same for the current build. Though from what I have read - just seems like a nightmare getting the canbus to talk to the Octopus. 

Great to have you on board - Welcome again

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Welcome aboard! You have arrived in a place with many like-minded individuals 😃 as @mvdveer points out. The aluminium fuctional parts are interesting, once you've got the printer up and running/bedded in it'll be good to see how it performs with those over the longer term.

When your new baby is finished it would great to see some pictures. Probably too late for a build diary  (you can save that for the next Voron you build.....trust me,there'll be more 😉) but there is the gallery for posting pictures.

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