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How to order Misumi frame pieces


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New guy here.  I would like to build a Voron 2.4 300mm but I'm unsure of how to source the frame parts.  Can you source them directly from Masumi in the US?  Other than the frame rail sizes, how do you order them drilled and tapped?  Any idea of how long it would take to receive the frames?  Not in a hurry, just want to plan my purchases.

I saw some frame kits on the bay that claim to be original Masumi extrusions shipped from China.  Are these an alternative?  Unfortunately I'm fussy about quality issues.



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Welcome to the community @zohsix!  Great question.

You can order direct from Misumi. The Voron sourcing guide, indicates you will need the following Misumi extrusions for the 300mm 2.4 build.

1 - Misumi HFSB5-2020-290   
1 - Misumi HFSB5-2020-380   
2 - Misumi HFSB5-2020-400   
10 - Misumi HFSB5-2020-420-TPW    
4 - Misumi HFSB5-2020-480-LCP-RCP    

The way Misumi's part numbers work is they specify the dimensions and attributes. Lets look at the first on the list, HFSB5-2020-290.

  • HFS - This is the extrusion type, in this case the "standard" option.
  • B - This is for black anodized (without the B it would become a clear anodized part)
  • 5 - This is for "Series 5" aka A6N01SS-T5 Aluminum Alloy
  • 2020 - This is the extrusion size, 20mm x 20mm
  • 290 - Is the overall length in millimeters, 290mm

Adding additional part attributes to the ends will modify the part in differnt ways...

  • TPW - Adds Tapped holes to both ends.
  • LCP - Adds 1 Row Crisscross from Left End Face 
  • RCP - 1 Row Crisscross from Right End Face 

Simply put if you want to order as the BoM specifies, enter the SKU's into the search at Misumi and it will give you exactly what you need! If you order the exact "SKU" from Misumi you will get the correct length, and tapped holes. As far as ship time, recently I have heard anywhere from 10 days to 60+ days depending on color and configuration when shipped from Misumi Direct. Regular aluminum that is not anodized will likely ship the quickest.

If you plan on building, in the next 60 days and want to order from Misumi I would suggest to go ahead and order now. Another option is to keep an eye on the Voron  Discord flea market channel, Misumi extrusions show up fairly often.

As far as Chinese extrusions. It's a roll of the dice. However - as VoronDesign mentions frequently, "we build Space shuttles with gardening tools" - how important to you is the quality difference? That only a choice you can make 😃


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