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Hello from Switzerland


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My name is Stefan

My 3D printing adventure started a year ago with a Sidewinder X1. This got a lot of improvements in the course of this year.

I came across the Voron project a month ago and was immediately hooked. I bought the parts in different stores, paying attention to quality.

Since one week I am assembling a Voron 2.4r2 350 and Stealthburner.

Board: BTT Ocotpus Pro

Frame and steppers: LDO

Hotend: Phaetus Dragon

Extruder: Orbiter V2

Fytec CAN extension board




I am happy to be a part of the community 😀





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Welcome aboard and Happy New Year when it comes, Stefan! You will find this to be a very friendly and helpful community with lots of advice and help to be had.  A self-sourced machine can be quite a challenge (and often requires a lot of patience whilst gathering all the bits), so hats off to you,  you'll have some good experiences to share with everyone regards sources of quality parts..

If you are still in build process then it is never too late to consider a build diary  😉, it's a great way to share experiences and interact with the community.

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Welcome to the forum Stefan. You have come to the right place to assist and troubleshoot your Voron 2.4r2 assembly. I can only support the request for a build diary. We love to follow along. There is always something we can learn

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On 1/6/2023 at 3:55 PM, warlord77 said:

Hi Stefan, I just ordered a voron kit. I am also from Switzerland and maybe we can exchange your building experiences. I am going to start my building my voron v2R2.4 350x350 in 2 weeks. Best regards Alexander


Hi Alexander

sure we can do that. I will start with the build diary by end of this week.

The Voron is not quite finished yet, but yesterday I already managed to print the first test cube. 😃

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