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Little thing here -- has anyone else wished this site had a "dark mode" theme?


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6 hours ago, Neo said:

Hey would you mind to share your settings? I use chrome in dark mode but not every webside is displayed in dark. Include FDM Forum....

Thanks in advance

I don't normally use Chrome. But I managed it relatively quickly with an extension (Dark Mode 0.4.8). On the Samsung phone I just use the global dark mode via the quick settings.

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On 12/30/2022 at 3:46 PM, Pierre52 said:

Personally, I dislike dark mode.  Old eyes find it hard to read🤒

Thanks for mentioning this. I think in the rush to embrace dark mode, a lot of designers missed that for many people (myself one of them) dark mode is actively painful. As in, I suffer a headache when I am forced to read code editors or web pages configured in dark mode. Here's a little more on it:


So great to hear that this website is available in both light and dark modes, so that everyone's eyes are in their best environment.

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