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Hi from Frankfurt am Main, Germany


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Hi Demosth and to all the other guys who make this awesome site possible!

First thank you for this forum.

3D printing cought me 7 years ago and after i build my second i3 i shared it with the youth visiting our facilaty. I created concepts with my colleges how to intrest teenager for this "nerdy" hobby.

It is  a great gift that i can do what i like during work.

We host two 3D printing projects per year during the holidays. We teach them how to use the device, how to prepare objects for printing and how to create 3D objects themselfs with free available programs.  Right now we have 7 printers free to use for our visitors during opening time.

One i3 (yes the first one i build still does it´s job:)), two ultimaker clones, two ender 3 (both were giftet broken but were easy to fix), two Monoprice Mini (cute little machines they needed some affection too).

June 2021 i buld my first Voron. I decided to build a 1.8 because it seemed to be the easiest build. And it went smooth because of the well made instructions of the Voron Team!

This is now my favorite and travels between home and facilaty 🙂 ...if necessary

Since 2021  i am sourcing parts for a new kind of project upcoming autumn next year.

We build a 3D printer..

I am happy that is already appoved by the youth welfare office, witch support us.

One will be a V0, one a 2.4 and the third is a BLV Cube conversion with modded 1.8 parts.

These are the plans for 2023 and most parts are already there.


I wish you a happy and peaceful 2023  ...and happy printing of course...




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Welcome aboard! Sounds like you have a great deal of experience. The educational aspect of your work sounds really interesting - hints and tips in how to get people interested would always be welcome 🙂. 3D printing always strikes me as a bit like Marmite - you either love it or you don't.

46 minutes ago, Neo said:

These are the plans for 2023

I was forgetting how close next year actually is! Just think once  you get the V0 up and running that'll be way more transportable between office and home 😛

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Welcome to the forum and if I may say - great work. Wonderful to hear about the youth project. Exiting project for 2023 and thank you for making teamfdm a part of that!

37 minutes ago, smirk said:

3D printing always strikes me as a bit like Marmite - you either love it or you don't.

Well, I like it, though here in OZ we call it Vegemite 🙂

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