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Best Failure photos :-p


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Well, lets just say Im an idiot, but somehow in chnaging things, I somehow left my QGL out of my start script.. well...

a not straight gantry... well.. a picture says more than a 1000 words...20221227_213924680_iOS.thumb.jpg.441f6eb20388731e38d69b6b5b7f316b.jpg

Already pulled out the BLOB in front out of my Stealthburner, think I will need to take out the Revo and clean it, I think it got all the way up in the heater...

Works for now though... didnt pay attention, for a hour or two 😛 

And im lucky it stayed at this.. but I did wait first layer to be put down, I always do, it wasnt perfect, but I thought, im ok with it, ill fine tune it later..

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I like the way the stealthburner is hiding at the back, like a naughty puppy (who's secretly proud of chewing your slippers to bits)

Clearly you meant to  do that, to give us the sport of guessing what it was you were printing (or trying to)......my guess is panel mounts!

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3 minutes ago, claudermilk said:

The heater is a goner, but I manage to salvage the nozzle.

Send that (picture) to E3D they migtht take pity and send you a free one. Thought that sort of thing was meant to be "impossible" with their revolutionary all-in-one nozzle/heat-break thing.

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2 hours ago, claudermilk said:

You asked for it...

When my Trident did the blob, it didn't kid around, and it got all arty on me.

PXL_20220928_051038910.jpg.2eb479d99052f875f3dada5be49b6580.jpg PXL_20220928_051046922.jpg.d63be6a86e373c269600632f692315a9.jpg PXL_20220928_052329169.thumb.jpg.89a44b08575e808b943e9e81c99c4cf2.jpg PXL_20220928_052804958.jpg.fa75a11a4176bec9637f3b0614893127.jpg

The heater is a goner, but I manage to salvage the nozzle.

IT IS a piece of art! whow!!!!

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I just ordered a replacement. Which was probably among the last of the old white wire thermistor units, so it subsequently failed. I now have a replacement blue wire thermistor unit replacing the replacement. 🤪 It's been dead solid so far.

I did get to see what the guts of a Revo heater look like. For science. Though I forgot to take pics before binning it. The PLA did ooze between the nozzle heatbrak & heater, so it took pliers and force to twist it out; the ceramic shell did not survive the process. Worry not, I'd already tested and determined it was dead.

Oh, and that art did win me some Polymaker filament & a Nero t-shirt. 😁

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