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Often used materials Forum?


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Hi maybe its a nice idea to have a place to put links to stuff you often need when adjusting/adding mods?

For example.. magnets 3x6.. I just can seem to order enough of them hahaha!

Maybe so that others also have use for this, like the posted micro switches last week, so next time you need them again, you can find it..


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4 hours ago, Buurman said:

.including the wife, dog, and neighbours...

Does she know you're planning on posting links for replacement wives (dogs and neighbours)? Personally I would not have put wife or dog into the routine service item category (they're far too expensive).

I would concur with magnets (6x3, 8x2), heat inserts, JST connectors. I would add cable ties (2mm and 3mm) and heat-shrink (having respliced cables so many times in this build you can't get enough of the stuff).

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Last time I found the links of @mvdveer very useful for frame parts of the v0 and only for 10 bucks or so…

thinks like this… 

but for sure the things you mention, but maybe tools too, even though there is a dedicated post about it, it’s not updated I think?

but back/side panels are useful too..

it will fill up if we just remind ourself to take the trouble topmost it

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I was thinking some sub categories?

Not to many, Building Material, Tools, Electronics, Filaments(maybe?) 

Main Category "Often Used - Where to buy?"

I Donno.. something like that?

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Well lets tart to build that list out and that will give me a better idea of how we should present it, that can happen here or on a new thread - This kinda reminds me of the tool thread from what I am reading. I will gladly give some permissions to help maintain the original post to keep it curated if we go this route-ish.


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