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Belt Clip Shim for the CHAOTICLAB CNC Tool-free XY-Axis Tensioner for Voron 2.4 v. 1.0.0

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I'm building a Voron 2.4 R2 and purchased the CHAOTICLAB CNC Tool-free XY-Axis Tensioner for Voron 2.4, which is a nicely made part (milled from aluminum) with a knob to adjust the tension of the XY belts.  Mine did not ship with any belt clips, and I don't think they are typically included, so I first tried using the stock clips.  However when I assembled my XY axis, I found that the 30mm screws used to hold the XY tensioner to the Z-blocks were 2mm too long.  This is because the CHAOTICLAB XY tensioner has a thickness of 3mm where it connects to the 2020 extrusion, while the stock is 5mm thick.  Because this 2mm difference affects the stack height for the Z-carriage mounts, I thought I should do something about it.  The simplest way to address this is to thicken the lower Z-belt clip (which is 5.6mm thick) by 2mm, so that's what this part does.

I included a version which adds 2mm (7.6mm overall), and another which adds 1.9mm (7.5mm overall).

I'm still building my printer, so things may change, but this seems like such a simple thing I doubt there will be any issues.



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