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MPX 350 2.4 Build


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This guy finally came off the slow boat last week. I had printed these parts last year, well more than last year ago, and have been waiting on some technology until I built this one for my son. Originally I was going to use a Fysetc kit, but I always wanted to try the Magic Phoenix kit. Only kit maker I have not tried now is Blurolls, and I don't see that kit coming anytime soon. So this will round out all the offerings that I have access to.


Frames for this are purple LDO extrusions. My personal 2.4 is the horrible Space Grey (too soft is the anodization, LDO is not good for anodization - strangely Fystec has better adhesion and color, more true to the color they say, LDO purple is closer to pink!). This kit was space grey and it is way better than LDO's space grey that I already own and have on mine.


Mandala Roseworks UF bed, Keenovo 750w bed heater, kinematic kit, GE5C mod, TAP (Vitalii), Canbus, Ti backers, and a sundry of items I thought about AFTER my build.


I'm sure there will be changes, substitutions, deletions, stuff I forgot and then remembered, or stuff others remind me of.


I'm in no rush, but do hope to fire it up for testing by the end of the week, by next weekend (24 Feb, though I shouldn't give hard dates as I usually bust those if they don't involve work).

So far, I'm impressed with the kit. Slow shipping (chose the cheaper boat method), but the kit was packed very well. Way less space than my LDO and Formbot kits. They also pack it by "step" of the build. I took it all out, as I need to inventory it. The hardware was packed in its own box, but each "collection" of hardware was in its own plastic bag, adding another step to get to the bolts, but the nuisance was outweighed by the convenience of having them all at hand with a visual inventory showing where they are. Classy, and appreciated!

Some pics for proof of life, for now:













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