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Fysetc Bear Kit Build (complete)


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I failed in my duty to document this build, but I got a little carried away. I was waiting on some parts to come in to finish my Switchwire build, and printing parts at the same time, when I found I had a few hours of spare time. So I decided to start printing the parts for this build. Not surprisingly, the mail didn't arrive in time, so I was left with more time. Plan was to just get the frame finished and put it to the side while I finished the SW. Plans changed, and it only took me about 6 hours total to throw it together (with waiting on small prints that were not mentioned in the manual).

Speaking of that last sentiment: when are these 'creators' of these machines going to provide ample and complete documentation? I just quit a job because of their lack of documentation (though it was a bigger project than these toys are). Voron is horrible about complete docs, having the user jump through hoops and find the missing text on their own...VzBot...WOW! that is a mess of some documentation (of which he fixed on the fly to address a question I had - so kudos to him and his team on discord!). Now this Bear build. This guy assumes you are only upgrading your original Prusa and not building from a kit. And both Bear and Prusa are horrible at the documentation, with Prusa always throwing in a "don't forget to make sure this part is such and such..." right in the middle of the process, instead of at the top where you can see what you'll need. But I digress, and fix the documentation on my own, for my own sake.

Anyway, rant aside, here is the completed build. Had some initial issues last night with firing it up for the first time, a Z calibration issue which seems to plague Prusa's MK3S/+ to no end as well. My fix was just moving the top mounts on zed up a bit, and off we go! And a peek at what is going to be built next, after the Switchwire...





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Got this setup for wireless, and it is working as expected. I do have an issue with my filament sensor, not sure if it is actually working or not, but it hasn't affected the printing.


I wish they'd post the files for those PSU mounts! I hate orange. With a passion.


My z-calib issue was the left side gear housing at the top, if it is too far down it apparently binds the lead screw in just enough torque to cause a "crash error". Moved it up a tiny hair amount and it has been flawless since being built.


Great kit, will build the next MK3S+ clone shortly, well, it's halfway built, I am just building too many things at once.


Documentation? What is that?

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Just finished the OG clone build. Printing some TPU parts as we speak. Easy going. Stock these Fysetc kits print pretty good. And print well. Now it's time to start "upgrading". Already started on this MK3S+ clone; printed out the Pi4/Einsy combo box and brace. Might print the psu side brace and move the psu under the printer and raise it up enough to hide it? Not sure, too many projects and not enough clones of me to do them all.

Here is number two from Fysetc (in the form of mk3 clones - I do have many voron kits from them).

Next up is nylon bed mods (or dual rail mod?).

I'm waiting on some pieces to hook up the Pi 4 and get octo running. PrusaLink leaves a lot out! Sop until then I'll be slow going.

Design new mount, design an enclosure system (or enclose my Lacks better), get the MMU2 up and running on the OG and get some for these (or ERCF??)

Now back to the Switchwire...tomorrow...





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I'm having some issues right now with Octo and the Pi 4 in it. It throws pauses and M112 stop codes continually. It will print, but the pause will sometimes last too long and glob up the entire thing.


I'm sure I need to adjust the connections, but I'm busy with other stuff now.


I did buy two more of these kits, as they print EXACTLY the same as my stock genuine OG Prusa MK3S+.


But for now, I must get my son's 2.4 done.

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