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I used to be a industrial robot engineer, before that, I was a programmer…  but things changed when I finished my first VORON.

In February 2020, I’m building a VORON 2.2,  was impressed by Voron’s excellent print quality.

In April, VORON v0 released, I realize that not everything is easy to get all over the world under COVID..

Soon, I run a Aliexpress store named MagicStudio, yes, MagicStudio is in China, but different from other Chinese vendors .

A Different vendor VS other Chinese vendors

MagicStudio is located in Harbin, Northeast China. It used to be the most important industrial city in China.

We choose suppliers based on quality, not price.

If branded products here, they are brand, not “brand” or whatever.



Orders would be shipped within 7 days, usually in 3 days. Except for special statements.

For carriers besides DHL, please allow 3-5 workdays delay from shipped to having the first tracking info.


Delivery Times

4PX : 15-35 days.

Fedex/Express: 10-25 days.

DHL: 7-10 days.





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