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First layer issues with possible uneven bed mesh?



I have a Voron 2.4 350 mm. Things have been going pretty good, but I have been noticing a problem with my first layer when I try to use more of the bed aside from the middle. The QGL and the bed mesh all go off without a hitch and the bed mesh looks pretty darn good. Once the print starts however, I find that the front right is too far from the printhead and the back left is too close. The difference is so significant that the front right is not adhering well to the bed surface or to the adjacent lines, while the back left is so close it looks close to hitting the nozzle. Any suggestions on how to counter this? I can't seem to live adjust enough to get the front right to stick without the back left basically grinding into the bed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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5 hours ago, Wardad5 said:

The QGL and the bed mesh all go off without a hitch

First thing I’ll do is to check the tension of the Z-Belts and ensure they are equally tensioned. This is a handy tool for that:


If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can  re-measure the gantry corners and update in the printer.cfg if necessary.


##	Use QUAD_GANTRY_LEVEL to level a gantry.
##	Min & Max gantry corners - measure from nozzle at MIN (0,0) and 
##	MAX (250, 250), (300,300), or (350,350) depending on your printer size
##	to respective belt positions


##	Gantry Corners for 350mm Build
##	Uncomment for 350mm build
#	-60,-10
#	410,420
##	Probe points
#	50,25
#	50,275
#	300,275
#	300,25



Hope it helps





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Make sure there is no (old) bed mesh loaded in your print start.

But yes, belt tension (at least that they are the same) is important, but that you bed mesh is going ok, it sounds to me that they are ok..

Make sure your QGL is not measuring on the extreme points of your bed, you can better QGL the points where you mostly print... 

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