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Are full kits/hardware kits available for purchase?



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There are no official kits of any kind for sale. Some 3rd-party vendors have channels on the official Discord server or on TeamFDM.com. Still, no support is either stated or implied from the official development team having a discord channel or vendor forum.

While the community will typically attempt to help, it can be a significant issue with electronics or parts from an unknown source. For example, suppose you have a problem with a kit that you purchased. In that case, we recommend consulting the documentation that comes with your kit, as there may be alterations from the original design that we cannot account for.

It's also important to remember, especially with parts originating from China, simply having a brand or manufacturer identified on the description, or even the part itself, does not mean that it is legitimate.

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you can buy a kit from many, many, many different places, starting with LDO's kits which can be found at a host of websites such as kb-3d.com, etc. there are also different types of kits from places like formbot3d.com that source the stuff for you, or places like 3d printers bay which has both. there are other site out there so do some research and you will find the kit that's right for you and also no kit is complete you still have to source maybe one or two things sometimes but also you have to print the parts yourself or you can go the route of doing the PIF program Pay It Forward program where they print the parts for you and for their time and cost they charge you a small fee. or you can just order off someone on Esty or Ebay or some website even have their own Voron printed parts. I purchased my Voron v0.1 kit from formbot3d.com and got it in a timely manner and also the parts were not too bad it was an overall good kit but I also self-source many other parts like changed the motors to the LDO motors, mosquito hotend, Linneo umbilical set, came with a raspberry pi 3b+ and changed it to a raspberry pi 4b (because I already had it and we all know they are like gold right now), I also add in a 5v PSU for the raspberry pi so it has its own power which is over kill on a v0.1 but I like over kill, and with this mod i had to fashion a USB C to PSU cable. below are the two places I talked about, the link to their webpages. good travels and stay safe out their people. thank you

1.) FORMBOT 3D Printer, Large Size 3D Printer Manufacturer, Industrial 3D Printer

2.)  Buy Best 3D Printers Kits, Professional 3D Printers for Sale | 3D Printers Bay

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