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Camera stop streaming after Trasmittied:3.9GB



Hello All,

might some of you run into this issue with the camera on Klipper,

I'm using MainsailOS and the camera works fine until the transmitted data from the pi reach 3.9GB.

then the camera goes black. the only resolve is reboot the pi.

sometimes if its reach 3.9 when its actually printing he is rebooting the Moonraker by himself and the printing still going on...

but when he does that - the frame rate of the camera is around 1-5 fps.

there is any way to walk this around or solve this?


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Hi Izzysu

Interesting if it fails consistently at 3.9GB - consistent can be good at least in terms of diagnosing things. I was wondering if you were running out of disk space but I can see in the screen shot there's 23.1GB free (and if you used a "standard" klipper/mainsail image then it will be all one file system so it really is 23GB free). I take it you're not capturing the video stream (for a time-lapse)?

Out of interest have you tried a print (that would fail after 3.9GB of video transmission) without viewing the video? I know it sounds a little weeping-angels-doctor-who but if you weren't viewing the video (in your web browser) that traffic wouldn't be transmitted. Depending on whether that non-viewed  printing succeeds or fails it would help determine where the issue was occurring (e.g. if it fails when no one watches so there's not 3.9GB of traffic, then the issue potentially isn't with the video stream).


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thank you for comments 🙂


this is Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB ram - 

I'm running with the latest Klipper mainsail and Moonraker.

Totally standard installations following the MainsailOS site. Installed on Samsung 32GB micro sd card.

If I'm change the UI without the camera - the bandwidth is down dramatically.

there is not time-lapse script going on.

also is the stream recording the video to a file?

If yes, where mainsail saving it?

If not, who can I make it record the stream to a file?

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