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Unable to reach safe home

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I'm working through the Initial  Startup sequence and have managed to go as far as locateing my Z end stop according to the directions.

I've found the x and y locations of the z end stop and inputted it into my home_xy_position statement.

When I issue a home command (home xy then home z or home  all) the gantry lifts, x homes, y homes and z will try to go to it's (-) position.


A couple of things I've noticed but also do not understand:

In mainsail when using the directional tabs the x or y will turn from orange to blue when selected but z only stays orange and will move only a few mm up no mater what option is chosen.

With a M114 command sent x and y will report the correct position but z always reports 10.

With GET_POSITION all z steppers report the same position.

Suggestions please.  TNX


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A couple more things I forgot to mention.

When attempting to move z via the G1 command I get the error message: Must home axis first followed by the locations, this happens even from the X/Y home.

I'm using the  Voron print.cfg file from the Voron site. I've ONLY made changes to all the stepper dir_pin to get proper directional movement, added another fan and changed the home_xy_position statement.


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I changed the position_endstop: from the negative number to 10.

When z attempts to home it still wants to go below the bed surface.

Am I missing another statement that tells z where the bed surface is?

When giving a M114 command x and y report correct positions but z is still reporting 10.

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19 minutes ago, golddustpeak said:


When z attempts to home it still wants to go below the bed …


I don’t get you; when z homes the printhead should move to the correct xy position of you z-endstop and then lower the nozzle onto the z-endstop to trigger it.

That will then be your reference zero point.

How can it go below bed level when attempting to home z??

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When G28 command is issued: x homes to end stop, y homes to end stop, z starts down and will NOT STOP without me issuing a command to stop it.

x never moves to the z end stop position.

I really think something is wrong with z or the set up for it I just don't know how to find the problem.

Should I be asking in some other places as well and if so where?


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Your home_xy_position und safe_z_home seems to be wrong.

As per your description x homes, than y homes and then gantry lowers in that position to find z instead of traveling to z-endstop xy position first.

You have a 350 Voron 2.4. So home_xy_position should Not be 332, 350 which is basically all the way in the back right corner but more like 235, 350 or so.

Double check.

Did you follow


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