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Voron 2 - stl file for euclid probe with nozzle scrubber


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My 2nd proximity probe broke, it didn't triggered + drove the nozzle into the bed.

I bought euclid probe and want to also have the nozzle scrubber on Voron 2.

My nozzle scrubber is installed on left bed rail because I can't find a stl mod for install on the right bed rail due to interference with the z endstop switch.

I like to leave the nozzle scrubber on the left bed rail but the euclid probe bed mount dock is also for the left bed rail + interfere with the scrubber.

Is there euclid gantry mount+dock to install on right hand side that is long enough to also clear AB MGN mount?

Thank you

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I have a Euclid probe on order and had the same question.  I found a picture for how someone mounted a Klicky-probe at https://github.com/jlas1/Klicky-Probe    Look for the picture "Assembled Klicky Probe on a Voron v2.4".


The z endstop has been moved to the left rail and the nozzle scrubber is on the right rail.  The picture shows the Klicky-probe mount on the left side.  I think the Euclid probe could be mounted in this way.  I will try this when the parts come in.....

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I am still waiting for Euclid probe to arrive.

I have found + printed the mount on B drive (need tall mount to clear toolhead) and arm below that should work. But I prefer the solution you found because the bed mount is more stable/rigid. Thank you.


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