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issues now that I have hooked up my chamber exhaust fan


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So for about a solid week and a half i have been printing ABS at crazy fast speeds. I have been printing my skirts and other things that could weight and didnt need to get the priinter up and running at the moment. So yesterday i did get my chamber exhaust fan wired and started to use it. Ever since hooking up i am having all of my prints come off of my pei sheet no matter what i try. I have slowed don speeds and even slowed the fan down to .25... HAs anyone else had the same issue. I like the fan because i could notice a difference when it comes to the fine particles left in m y enclosure have dropped immensely. I am about ready to just dump the fan and go back to nothing  

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I would suggest not running the fan when printing ABS. Your prints are warping and pulling themselves off of the bed. You need an ambient temperature of 50 or 60C to print ABS successfully. Leave the fan off, the doors shut, and do not open them or run the fan until the print is finished and cooled down. You could also run the fan at very low speed to create a negative pressure in the enclosure, but you may want to wait until the print is finished and cooling down, if there are problems. Hope this helps.

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