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stealthburner gear ratio


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I didn't pay any attention to the gear ratio, just ran an extruder e-steps calibration routine as I normally would, for any extruder....As expected, with the default e-step value there wasn't nearly enough extrusion happening, lol. The little 10 tooth gear has to make a lot more steps, and the new calculated e-step number reflected that....


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On 2/9/2022 at 4:38 AM, mvdveer said:

The Orbiter which uses the same stepper motor has a gear ratio to 7.2:1. See https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4223085

Have printed the stealth burner but have not started the Voron build yet so could not verify this.

But the fillament gears have a different diameter than the standard bondtech gears, so it's not comparable...


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Just upgraded to the StealthBurner and ran the extrusion test. The following parameters were/are in my printer.cfg file in the "Extruder" section:

rotation_distance: 22.48094064725844       After the upgrade I left this value as it was.

gear_ratio: 50:17     After the upgrade I changed this value to 50:10

Did a save_config and restart.

Results of the test came out exactly where they should have.

If you look at the number of teeth on the StealthBurner extruder stepper and then the number of teeth on the AfterBurner extruder stepper you will see the difference in tooth count (10 teeth on the new stepper vs. 17 teeth on the old one). By the way, the BMG extruder driven gear has 50 teeth. Great how math works out. 😁

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Glad this topic is out there.  Just installed my SB on my Voron tonight and all the changes went well but several print failures later I was scratching my head as to what could be the cause.  All I could think of was that something was different in the Clockwork2.  Just changed mine to 50:10 and go figure, printing just fine. Not sure how I missed that but thanks!!!!

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