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Sourcing question for Voron 2.4 (extra parts)


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Quick question,


I built the LDO 2.4 revC kit and am looking to source a few parts that I can't find (I don't really know what they are called).  I'm looking for the Rpi "hat" that's used for the power connector / input shaper and the small adapter that plugs into the Octopus v1.1 board.  I came across the "hat" on a site in the UK, and since it was cheap I bought a few to make the S/H worth it.  At that point I thought I was golden, but then I remembered it needs that small adapter that plugs into the Octopus board...

So, atm I just need to know what that small adapter PCB is if possible.  On the LDO parts list, it's called: Octopus Pwr.Adapter PCB, from what I can tell, under the electronics section.  Basically I'm building a rat rig vcore 3.1 and I'd rather use this install method vs. the messy way they have you do it (sorry, not 100% voron lol).  I am looking at a Trident next though, since I built my 2.4 I have the build bug now!  Might want to sell off both of my P1P's to help pay for all of this lol...

Anyways, thanks in advance and have a great day.



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11 minutes ago, claudermilk said:

I'm not sure that those PCBs are sold individually from LDO. I'd try contacting them to find out if you can buy one by itself.

Yah, kind of what I am wondering.  Thier ldo motors website has like no info at all on it, I'll just try asking via email and see if I get any info back.

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9 minutes ago, PFarm said:

Is this the break-out board you're looking for? LDO distributors usually carry these. Canadian distributor has them here :


That one I can find.  In the picture I posted, there is a little hat that goes on the rpi gpio header, then those power cables go to a small adapter that plugs into the Octopus board.  I did find the rpi hat form a place in the UK, not exactly close to me, but the s/h was super fair, so I just got it.  I need that little adapter that plugs into the Octopus board now, totally forgot that was needed when I started this endeavor lol.

I'd grab another picture of it but I don't want to mess with my printer.  I'll just try emailing them and see if I get a reply, probably a no go if I don't buy a whole batch or something 😧

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What @PFarm posted is good and it help greatly whit wiring, but my bet is your looking for some thing like this correct? and the Cable 

Unless the board your looking for is CanBus whit the built in accelerometer.  or the Hartk Stealthburner PCB.?




Or This


This is the CanBus board 


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The parts that I'm talking about are only in the LDO kit it seems, and the specific part I need is the size of a dime.  Basically, you put the HAT on the rpi, run the positive / negative power to this little PCB adapter that plugs into the Octopus motherboard.  It's to power the rpi directly from the Octopus, plus the HAT has a small header to run a ribbon cable for the LDO input shaper.

Other than flipping my printer over, i can't find a picture of it anywhere.  I just heard back from Jason @ LDO and he offered to send me a few free of charge!  (I offered to pay).  I'll update with pictures when I get them to show you what I meant.  It's a nice, easy, clean way to wire up the rpi and wanted to do the same for my new printer.

Look at the picture I included, follow the RED line, rpi HAT to the Octopus PCB power adapter.

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It seems they are trying to make this connection a bit more foolproof?


I just carefully checked the pinouts about 5 or 6 times and built the jumper. It worked with no issue...well except that I eventually had to add a second 5V line due to the RPi throwing undervolt errors after some time running.

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Ya what @claudermilk posted is the Pi Dedicated port on the Octopus, you can make that make like he did now for the ADXL 345 you can plug it into the SPI pins of the PI you would need to figure out the Pinout and make a wiring harness for it.. 

That pretty much what they will be sending you.

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Aha, I missed the ADXL aspect. Again, lots of triple- and quadruple-checking of pinouts. I built a harness that goes to the samwiseg0 2x3 Microfit skirt connector.

The pinouts I used are:

ADXL345 pin RPi pin RPi pin name
3V3 (or VCC) 1 17 3.3v DC power
GND 6 20 Ground
CS 24
SDO 21
SDA 19
SCL 23




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