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Part sticking


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So figured I would share this as it's happened to me on a few occasions.  I go along and happily print with no issues. Then.. one day... the printer revolts and starts prints only to fail later on after laying down the first layer to make you think everything is OK. 

You think it's your chamber temp, yes, printing ABS. Then you think it's the bed mesh so you go about checking that. 

A day or two go by with frustration  building. Failed print after failed print. Then you remember. Sandpaper... yes, sandpaper... you grab a simple sheet of 1500g paper and lightly scuff the surface and clean it with some IPA. Restart and like magic....prints stick and production resumes. 

Lesson here is even with regular cleaning you end up with a surface that may just be too smooth. A little scuffing here and there is a good thing. 

Back to printing it's brothers parts


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