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Calibrating Dimensions



So, If I have calibrated my extruder and I am getting exactly what I am asking for but still have issues with dimensions of the final parts, would I use Rotation_Distance to calibrate each axis?

For example.  I continue to have slightly "squished" holes on the Z-Axis.  If they are on the Horizontal(X/Y) they are nice and round and symetrical.  This tells me that maybe the Z-Axis is not exactly calibrated correctly, and the printer is moving "Up" slightly less than expected.   Reading the Klipper documentation it appears that Rotation_Distance is supposed to be the way to tell the printer how far it travels in one rotation of the stepper.  I can put a dial indicator on the axis or just print a cube and calculate the correction from there. 

Is this the right path to take?


UPDATE:  I did go out and do a quick measurement with a ruler and had the z move in 1mm and 10mm increments and it appears to be spot on.  Not sure what is causing my "squishy" holes. 

This is ejat I mean by squishy. It's not terrible but it is noticeable. 

20230422_190156.thumb.jpg.dcece833caa6c66b14da3604574e9aa0.jpgalso not sure why there is always a noticable line at the start and finish of the holes. 

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