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Anyone using a BTT Pi TFT43 V2.0?

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I'm trying to design a Voron screen mount that fits between the front skirts, and BTT's dimensioned drawing sucks pretty bad.  The CAD model on their Github is a little more helpful, but is missing the entire screen and the metal threaded mounting bosses on the rear of the screen.


Mostly, all i'm lacking, (i think), is the distance between the front face of the glass screen and the rear face of the metal mounting bosses.  I used some dimensions from a Pi TFT50 display model that I found on GrabCad, but im not certain that it's the same as the 4.3" version.  on the Pi TFT50 it is 12.55mm.  Anyone happen to know what this is for the Pi TFT43 V2.0




My intent is that the glass screen sit flush with the front face of the housing.  As it is, i have it modeled with the screen inlet opening set to 106mm wide x 67.5mm tall,  and the depth (to the screw hole bosses) set to 12.55mm.  If I have the dimensions correct, it the screen should fit with 1/4mm of clearance around the top, bottom and sides, and with the glass flush with the front face of the housing.


Something like this:




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